Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almost 30 Days Later...

I posted the first pictures of our garden on May 14.  Since then, we've had the CRAZIEST weather I've ever seen in my 30+ years in California!  We lost one cucumber plant, but other than that, the plants are growing like gangbusters!  We finally got the automatic watering system laid down.  Rocks and bricks hold the hoses down for a few weeks, then we can take them off as they settle in.

These are Zephyr squash -- they are green and yellow at first, but as they grow, they lose the green.  I think I will be gone on my trip for the first harvest of these.

Tomatoes have a lot of growth -- but they are so ready for some warmer weather!

Peppers are all doing well; something was eating the leaves; we think it was slugs and earwigs, so out came the Sluggo!

We thought we got 2 pole beans, but it turned out that one was a bush bean, so the pole bean does not have to share its trellis.  Those little bean tendrils were so happy to have something to wrap around!


This will be my last post before going on my trip to the East Coast.  I might share some pictures from there, so be sure to check back frequently!                              Happy Stampin'!


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