Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Box 2

Here is Garden Box #2

From right to left:

Two rows of radishes (one row seriously disturbed by a cat doing his "business,"

and the beginning of the Pepper Patch!

Yes, you counted correctly -- 6 pepper plants!

Why, you ask?

Because my husband loves to make his own hot sauces!


Two of the plants are bell peppers, but the rest are various types of hot peppers, and see the empty area in the middle?  He ordered Ghost Peppers, which are supposed to be among the hottest peppers around.  Alrighty, then!

We finished the box with 2 bean plants, 2 squash and a melon.  This weekend, we hope to lay down the automatic drip watering hoses -- yay, no more hand watering!

Did we overplant?  You betcha!!

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