Monday, May 9, 2011

A Rant!

Yesterday, my daughter and I went for pedicures at my FORMERLY favorite place, Bellagio's on East Roseville Pkwy. in Roseville.  We had an 11:00 appt. and weren't called until 11:25.  Okay, no big deal, it was Mother's Day and pretty crowded.  They have 3 levels of pedis -- $25, $35, and $45.  We usually get the middle one, but for yesterday, they were only offering the most expensive one.  Well, the whole thing felt rushed -- we weren't asked what scrub we wanted, the foot and leg massage was kind of short, but a lot depends on the woman who's doing the pedi.  Finally, I got my legs into the nice massaging chair, and the time was set for 15 minutes.  That also ensures that the polish is dry.  THREE MINUTES LATER, someone came up and without saying a word, shut off my chair!  I turned to my daughter to say, "Why did they do that?" and someone was turning off her chair, too!  She said, "We're being kicked out!"  Ooooo -- I was NOT happy, to say the least.

We walked by the manager and he said, "Thanks for coming," and I gave him an earful.  He said he was sorry about 6 times, but that it was a popular day.  I told him I knew that, but that's what appointments are for, and it was clear that he overbooked so he could make more money that day.  We were there for less than 45 minutes, and we did NOT get a $45 pedicure!  I felt badly for my daughter because she wanted it to be a nice experience for Mother's Day. 

I'm angry that we, well, she got ripped off, and I might shoot off an angry letter, although it would probably go to the same manager and wouldn't do any good.  Hubby said to "vote with my feet" and just go elsewhere.  Goodness knows there seems to be a nail place on every block, so, my friends out there in Cyberland --


(If you stuck in there and read this whole thing, thanks for letting me rant!)

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  1. Hi Debbie! Sorry that happened to you! I go to a great small place in Fair Oaks called O'Haira's. They are super nice there!